Interal T.C. produces two truss lines; the Protruss and the Intertruss. They are seamlessly compatible with the two truss standards that are used the most in the staging and rigging world. Both types meet the highest criteria that are set in accordance with international guidelines with regard to product quality. This is verified through TÜV approvals.

Light and strong
Interal T.C. produces quality products. The aluminium that we use is of the AIMgSi1, F31 class. All our welders are NIL EN 287-2 certified. Both the Protruss and the Intertruss are available for different occasions like light use (type 20), standard use (type 30/40) and heavy use (type 50/60). Adjustments to existing types or integration in a customer-designed structure are not a problem either due to our in-house production.

A great advantage of buying your truss at Interal T.C. is its quick delivery. We deliver temporary material free of charge (from our rental stock) until your new material is produced. You will be able to start immediately.

In addition, Interal T.C. is a trendsetter where the production of circle trusses is concerned. Many a scenery builder has a truss circle made by Interal T.C. in stock. The diameter, the number of parts, etc., every circle is produced based solely on customer preferences.