Interal T.C. has one of the largest truss rental stocks in Europe. With more than eight kilometres in trusses, it is not strange that the top businesses from the Western Europe stand and scenery building sector uses our trusses.

What’s in store?
Our rental stock is built on three pillars: the Multi-purpose Protruss series (8 km in stock) that is compatible with the most used truss in the world.This forms the basis for our rental division together with more than 120 truss circles and a Pre-rig truss line. We also have a range of staging and rigging accessories in stock.Interal T.C. also has a number of podium canopies. Ideal to ensure your event has an affordable and functional eye-catcher.

Dry rental
Interal T.C. is a dry rental company. We can take care of full transportation due to our own logistics fleet. The installation is the responsibility of the customer who rents or one of our permanent rigging partners.

Interal Rental Leaflet (pdf)