The company from the German town of Bocholt was tasked with building a mobile gantry crane by an internationally operating company. The crane’s own weight should be as low as possible, it should be easy to construct and take down again, it must be able to move approximately 1250 kg and must have the option of having passenger lifts added to the side. It goes without saying that, considering the nature of the application, the total construction needed to be calculated and approved in line with the applicable standards. And finally, the entire construction needed to fit into two 20 feet containers, as it had to be transported across the sea.

Naxpro-truss and Interal tc took complete responsibility for the construction and execution of the project.

The mobile crane has been constructed using truss square 40. But ultimately there are almost no standard parts. There will always be something which has undergone some form of change, like the position of the pins, extra reinforcements, etc.

The crane was produced following plenty of drawings, calculations and meetings.

We subsequently searched for an empty hall measuring 12 meters in height, where the trial construction took place and where the required inspections were carried out.

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