The Dance and Circus College (DOCH) in Stockholm is a university course. It could possibly even be referred to as a globally unique project.

The circus art is in constant evolution, often with extreme displays and expressions. The development demands training which can critically evaluate, question and redefine artistic methods and the role of the circus artist in today’s society.

In addition to natural ability and talent, this is often literally in the genes and characteristics like training and tools are the necessary elements to allow someone to reach the top.

This is why The Circus Department has heavily invested in one of its rooms where the flying and trapeze activities take place.

Teaterteknik from Stockholm has been asked to give further substance to this project. A number of mobile bridges were eventually produced, based on the P50 truss, to which a host of flight constructions were mounted.

The room in question dates back to the start of the nineteenth century. Beautiful, but very tricky from a constructive perspective. The IPE beams, which were placed at a later stage, don’t run parallel to each other. We eventually designed and constructed mobile trolleys ourselves, in order to deal with this problem.

Teaterteknik also took responsibility for the assembly and assistance on site.

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