Movico, from the Dutch town of Deurne, is one of Europe’s leading mobile communication concepts companies. Extendable trailers are central in this regard and offer top quality technology to support marketing campaigns, road show activities, sports events, exhibitions, personnel training, sales activities and a great deal more. The more than 40 different mobile facilities can be found at big events, including the Tour de France, Giro de Italia, Paris-Dakar, Formula 1, etc.

Cycling is an industry within which Movico is very active.

One thing which was missing from their range of options was a mobile finish arc. The requirements an arc needed to satisfy were:

  • Quick to construct and take down again
  • Advertising statements must be interchangeable
  • The finished product must satisfy the European regulations for safety, ballast, etc.

One additional aspect was that the horizontal beam needed to be adjustable. The horizontal beam will move down by approximately 1 meter once the advertising caravan has passed through. One advantage of this is that the Finish Arc will be much more in view during the television broadcasts. Air play is what it’s all about.

Interal tc has sold two 1 ton tower systems for this purpose, with associated trusses and clamps, etc. The standard outriggers have been replaced with ballast outriggers. The beam is height adjustable with two winches. The safety calculations have been prepared by Buro Michel. The advertising signs are fixed in place with clamps and can therefore easily be removed and/or replaced; advertising on demand.

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